Floating linkspans:


Linkspan with fixed connection

The bridge is attached to a pontoon (with a fixed, or hinged connection) enabling the pontoon to rise and fall with the tide. The bridge provides access at a gradient within the specified angle of inclination. Changes in the freeboard can be accommodated using a ballast system (automatic) with fixed connections between the bridge and pontoon or manual with hinged connections between the bridge and pontoon. Survay on differnet linkspans (ro-ro jetty, roll-on roll-off facilties) has shown that this solution is the most secured way of loading and unloading a ship.




Considerable damage to the linkspan in case of a collision can be prevented by the incorporation of an overrun structure at the point of the bridge’s attachment to the quay, whereby the linkspan subsequently merely needs to be restored to its original location – provided that rubber fenders have been attached to the front of the pontoon or ramp. However a floating fender positioned in front of the linkspan offers the best protection to your investment.


Mooring connection hit by ship