Linkspan S.A. is a company with almost 15 years of experience in design, engineering and installation of steel bridges. All types of (temporary) bridges have been installed:

Heavy Girder

We have also
rental bridges!

Direct from stock!

All around the world you will find steel / panel bridges. When such a bridge needs maintenance or has been damaged, some of the parts could be difficult to find. Especially for that aim, this web site has been made.

You will find all major parts of all type of bridges on this web-site. You can fill in all the parts you need or just the parts that you already have, and we will complete your list according to the bridge you need.

In the rare case, we do not have the bridge-parts on stock, we'll find them for you!

Because the quantity, the condition (reconditioned or new) influences the prices, we can not give you fixed prices on the internet. But when you send your requirement, we will answer you within 48 hours (working-days) The prices can include transport costs to your destination.

Also when you want to have a complete bridge of a certain type of bridge, we can give you very competitive prices.

Of course we can also advise you which type of bridge is the best solution for your situation and budget.

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