Linkspan S.A. is a company with almost 15 years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of linkspans, roll-on roll-off facilities and ro-ro jetties (access ramps between quays and vessels that accommodate variations in the water level in tidal harbours). Linkspan S.A. can complete the entire contract for the construction of a linkspan or, if so required, restrict its services to part of the project. For example, solely the design, the design and supervision of the construction by a manufacturer of your choice, or the preparation and supervision of an invitation to tender.


This website includes a number of examples of linkspan structures to assist you in making the choice appropriate to your needs. Clicking a linkspan structure will display a drawing or a photo of an example. The website also includes an application form you can use to request an estimate or as FREE ADVISORY, WHAT KIND OF LINKSPAN is suitable for your situation.